Duck Life

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About Duck Life


Duck Life promises to bring you a moment of entertainment. You will have the opportunity to control a duck and participate in dramatic races.

We all know ducks are animals that can run on land, swim in the water, and fly in the sky. Therefore, Duck Life combines 3 subjects running, swimming, and flying to bring you great experiences. Your duck already has these skills, however, it has not yet reached the level of an athlete. You need to train your duck to master skills and participate in races. The other athletes are all very skillful, so you have to prepare well before participating in these races. The challenges will not be too hard if you prepare well. Train the best duck and become the champion in every race.

The races that your duck must complete

Races in Duck Life will be divided into 4 levels. Beginners races are races for new players with skill points below 50. You can easily win with skill points above 50. Amateur races are for players with skill points between 50 and 100. Although this is amateur level, it has begun to require players with good skills. The third level is expert races, this is where players with good skills and quick reflexes gather. You must master all skills to be able to participate in this mode. Finally, in the World Championship race, you have to win 3 races before to be in this race. This means you are fighting the best players. Being the ultimate winner in this race is what everyone wants. However, very few people can do this, are you one of them? Join this race and win yourself the most precious cup.

Equip your duck with the best items

You can make your duck special by changing its skin. The game has up to 10 types of colors for you to choose from such as red, purple, yellow, and so on. You only need to spend 50 cents to make your duck different. You can also buy a hat for the duck. There are 5 different types of hats and you need to spend 100 coins to get them.

Sports in the Duck Life game

The Duck Life game will have 3 main sports, which are running, swimming, and flying.

Race in the running competition

This is a race on land, where 4 ducks will have to race against each other. This game is like running a marathon, where you have to click to steer your duck forward and win by hitting the finish line. To be able to win this race you need to participate in training.

While you train your duck in practice mode, there will be stones continuously rolling toward your duck. You click to jump up and avoid the stones. You need to have quick reflexes because it only takes a second for you to slow down, then the stone will roll over and knock you down. The longer your practice time, the higher your skill score will be. You have to make sure your skill points are higher than other opponents to win.

Conquer the swimming race in the Duck Life

This is an underwater race, this is the advantage of ducks. Your duck will move across a vast ocean. Your mission is to avoid obstacles in the sea. The obstacles that your duck has to face are ships, islets, icebergs, and so on. You need to smoothly combine the Up and Down keys to not die. You have to fight with all your might. Don't lose in the duck's forte.

Defeat all the opponents in the flying races

It is similar to birds, you will control your duck to fly in the sky. Your duck will gain momentum and fast in the sky until it runs out of energy. You control the height of the duck to harvest coins. The training round will end when your duck falls to the ground.

Conquer the Duck Life with some tips

You equip items to make your duck go further. There are 2 ways to earn coins to buy things for your duck. The first way is participating in training modes and the second one is participating in races. However, it will take you a long time to earn money in training mode because you will have to collect coins one by one. You should earn money by participating in races. Every time you win a race you will win 50 coins.

To be able to go far in the race, your duck must have an abundant source of energy. You strengthen the duck's energy by feeding them seeds. There are 2 basic types of seeds, the yellow seed costs 1 coin and only gives 1/3 energy levels. The blue seed costs 10 cents and directly increases one energy level. You have to upgrade your duck's energy to high so as not to collapse in the middle of the road.

Besides, you need to practice hard in the training mode. You increase the number of skill points to be able to win more easily in races in the Duck Life.