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Monkey Mart


Play Monkey Mart

Plant bananas

Welcome to Monkey Mart, where you will have the opportunity to build yourself a great mart. You just need to harvest and sell fruits to grow your mart.

In this game, you will play the role of a monkey who wants to build a big mart for himself. This monkey will start his career with 20 coins. With 20 coins, you will start with growing bananas. Each banana tree costs 10 coins and yields 3 fruits within 3 seconds. A Banana is a very attractive fruit for monkeys, so your monkey will recover capital very quickly.

Plant corn

After successfully growing bananas, the next commodity that the monkey wants to aim for is corn. Corn plants cost 25 coins and sell for 1 coin per corn. Corn on this island grows quite quickly and can recover immediately after harvest.

Thanks to two fruits, corn and banana, the monkey will soon build a big supermarket of his own.

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Update your monkey

With the rapid development of marts, you cannot take care of everything on your own. The large number of customers along with the production of fruit requires more labor. You can spend money and hire the help of monkey staff. Monkey staff costs 23 cents and he can help you harvest corn.

In addition, you can upgrade your monkey and the employee monkey to be more productive. For your monkey, you will not lose money for the first upgrade. However, from level 2, you need to spend 100 coins to update. After updating, your monkey will increase both speed, stamina, and stack. For the staff monkey, you can upgrade on 3 criteria of speed, stack, and stamina. It will cost you 50 coins for each upgrade.