Masked Special Forces

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Introduce Masked Special Forces

Masked Special Forces will bring you a professional shooting experience, you will transform into a gunner and defeat all opponents on the map.

This game will give you the feeling of participating in the fiery gunfights in the Call Of Duty game. This game is made with a base map where you have to attack and destroy the enemy base. Previously, you could only get this experience when participating in the mobile version, now you can easily transform into professional shooters on our website. This is a very fierce battle and your opponents will appear from many sides to attack you, so the game requires you to be agile. There is a special thing about this game that it has very beautiful sound and graphics. The image is sharp from the characters to the maps, it is not inferior to the mobile version. I believe this is a perfect version of the online shooting games on the web. Now join the Duck Life website and participate in these amazing gunfights.

Handle your character

It is the same as many other action games, you use the arrow keys to move. Support keys such as the Space key to jump, left shift key to run, and Q to slide when running. To attack the enemy, you use the right mouse button to aim then the left click to shoot. In addition, you also need to use other keys like 1,2,3 to change weapons, H key to use the medkit, E to pick up weapons, and so on.