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Duck Life: Space


About Duck Life: Space


After the great success of Duck Life, Wix Game has continued to release Duck Life: Space. This is a special adventure in space. Let's play and discover.

This game retains the structure of the original game when you still have to complete 3 sports: running, swimming, and flying. However, because this is the environment in space, there will be many changes. It will be a great challenge for you when the gameplay is completely changed. What will you do when the familiar has completely changed? Take on the challenges and prove you are the best in this game.

Special features of Duck Life: Space

If Duck Life 2 is a sports competition and Duck Life: Adventure is an adventure, then Duck Life: Space is set in space. You will still be able to participate in the same sports as the original game, but it has had some changes to better suit the situation. The quests will become difficult for you once you get used to the previous missions. There is no more time, get used to a new gameplay and conquer the game.

Discover new planets

This game opens an exciting journey as you will explore 6 different planets such as Earth, Mars, and so on. You must first complete the race to earth to open other planets. Enter our website now to discover these wonderful lands.

Train new skills in Duck Life: Space

Running in zero gravitation

This is a very special environment, you need to click on the screen to change the gravity. Your character will move forward automatically. Especially you can not touch any iron poles, otherwise, your little duck will die. Try to go as far as you can because your skill points will increase.

Swimming in bubbles

We all know that in space, there is very little oxygen, so your duck has to fly in a bubble. You use the arrow keys to swim in the bubble. You must try to survive as long as possible in the bubble, which means you must not let the balloon burst.

Practice flying skills in Duck Life: Space

In this game, your duck will fly up vertically. You use the keyboard or use the mouse to steer left or right. It is important that you eat the seeds to maintain flight speed. You have to quickly replenish energy by eating seeds as soon as you notice that your duck is moving slowly. When your duck runs out of energy it will fall to the ground.

Conquer the Duck Life: Space game

To get a ticket to another planet you must defeat the duck outside the lab. You must participate in a combined sports competition. After you win, the loser duck will give you the ticket to the spaceship. Thus, it will open your adventure to new planets and new competitions. Let’s practice yourself hard and participate in this exciting adventure.

How to control: You can use the mouse or the keys on the keyboard to control your duck.