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Duck Life 3: Evolution


The evolution of this game

Duck Life 3: Evolution is welcoming you with difficult challenges, where you will train a key skill of the duck and make it unbeatable in all races.

This is the third part of the Duck Life game, through 2 improvements this game has also created its own characteristics. It still retains the 3 transformation skills of the duck in the original version but has also developed the climbing skill in Duck Life 2. Not only that, this game becomes more dramatic than ever when you can choose a skill and develop it to infinity. When the function you choose is upgraded to the maximum extent it will become undefeated in every match. However, you also can't miss other skills because the game also has a combo test, you can become invincible in one skill but can be defeated by another, which causes unnecessary failures. Therefore, you just have to upgrade a main skill for the duck and also make sure to do other skills well to be able to win in the races.

The opening of this game is a summary article about the game, the basic information of this newspaper is that through many investments in genetic modification, ducks have a superior genome and are divided into 4 different types of genes. These genes allow your duck to choose ducks with unique skills. You need to read the parameters of each genome and choose your own duck. After having carefully read the genomes you choose the duck you will stick within this game and start the duck race.

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Some information about the gameplay

The game remains the same as the original gameplay when you upgrade the duck stick based on 4 skills, in which the superior skill you choose will help you earn more money. Specifically in each race, you will need to collect yellow food particles and each of these food particles costs 1 dollar. In your special skill training camp, there are also purple food particles, which make your duck move faster and prolong the training. You can consider these purple food particles as temporary energy boost foods.

Train all skills

After participating in skills training, your proficiency score will increase with the time you train. After you have advanced the skills to a certain level, you take part in a matching test. Here you can't rely on a single skill, for skills with a high mastery score you will move faster with other athletes, whereas skills with a low proficiency score will pull your leg. You should evenly develop skills to maintain the lead in each race.