Grass Cut Master

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Introduce Grass Cut Master

Grass Cut Master is a farming simulator where you will have to cut grass and earn money to upgrade your tools to achieve the highest possible yield.

In this game, you will play the role of a farmer, who is controlling a tractor. This machine is used to mow grass in different grasslands, and each grassland represents a level. You just need to cut all the grass in these fields and sell it to complete the game's mission. These grasslands will be transformed into different shapes, sometimes they will be round or can also deform into a semi-doughnut shape. This field will be located on an island above the lake so you also need to be careful not to fall into the lake. This mission is simple and it goes through different levels and I believe you can pass it.

Earn money and upgrade the tools

The initial capacity of this game is quite low, so you need to upgrade the parameters to increase its productivity. You can upgrade the tractor based on 3 criteria: speed, razor, and capacity of the tractor. Where speed is the tractor's moving speed. When you upgrade this criterion, it will help your machine move faster. A razor is a guillotine that will operate with higher capacity and cut grass faster. Finally, capacity is a very important criterion. Expanding capacity helps you move longer on the grassland and bring back more grass each time you go to the village. Saving time between each weed sale will also help you complete tasks faster. The amount of money needed to upgrade these criteria is the same, for the first upgrade you only need to spend 500 dollars. After each upgrade, the amount of money needed to upgrade will increase by 500 dollars. The upgrade amount is not small, so you should upgrade appropriately between the criteria.