Endless Seige

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Participate in the battle in Endless Seige

Are you ready for the fight against the ferocious monsters in Endless Seige? Set up your cannons and destroy the monsters that want to invade your territory.

It is the same as Sea Battleship, in the Endless Seige game, you will play the role of a great strategist. Your mission is to protect your castle from the monsters. There is only one way to enter your castle, these monsters will invade your territory this way. You can place bows or cannons anywhere you want as long as it can protect the castle from the invasion of monsters. In addition, you can upgrade these weapons so that they produce great damage and quickly destroy all the monsters. However, each weapon will have a different upgrade limit and the amount you have to spend on each upgrade will also increase.

How to destroy the monster

The game has given you 300 coins, which you will use to arrange cannons. You start by buying cannons worth 100 coins, then you kill monsters. There are also other weapons such as fire arrows with a price of 150 coins. The cannons deal great damage but their cost is 250 coins. There is a type of magic damage named the hourglass, it will shield the monsters that are hypnotized and move slower within its range. You should alternate the hourglasses with the weapons for the best effect. Each time you play, you will have 20 hearts, each monster entering the castle will steal one of your hearts, if you have all your hearts stolen, this game will be over. If you feel these monsters move slowly, you can also upgrade their moves, but this action is also quite dangerous. If you adjust to fast-moving monsters and your defenses are not good, your castle will be very vulnerable.

You just need to use the mouse to position the weapons, then these weapons will automatically attack the monsters.