Sea Battleship

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Play Sea Battleship

What are you waiting for without participating in the strategy game - Sea Battleship? You need to arrange your warships properly to win against the enemy.

First, you and your enemies need to arrange the positions for the battleships. You need to arrange it so that it is difficult for opponents to hit it. In addition, these ships must be separated by at least one square on the map. After the battleships have been arranged, they will be hidden. Your mission is to destroy all enemy ships on the map and be the winner.

You and the enemy will take turns firing bullets to destroy the battleships. When you miss, it will be the enemy's turn. If you hit it, you will be shot again. When you completely destroy a battleship, the areas around it will be grayed out. The winner of this game is the one who destroys all the ships first. Do you believe you are the winner? Play Sea Battleship and become a great strategist.

How to destroy the enemy's battleship

You use the mouse to place your battleship. Similarly, You use your mouse and click on the location you want on the map to shoot down enemy ships.