Ball Blast

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Some features of Ball Blast

Welcome to the Ball Blast game, where you will control a cannon and shoot down all the stones. You must try to knock down as many stones as possible.

The stones with different values will fall from the upper of the screen. Sometimes these stones will appear singly and they can also have many different stones appearing at the same time. You have to control a cannon in the bottom corner of the screen and destroy these stones. These stones will descend in unknown directions, so you must move the cannon not to be destroyed. This game requires you to be careful, have quick reflexes, and play and get the highest score. If you are not quick to detect the position of the stones you will easily be crushed by it, moreover you must be flexible to change the position of the cannon so that it is not crushed by the cannons.

Destroy the stones and create a record

Your cannon will generate bullets continuously, you just need to change the direction of the cannon. You use the mouse to change the position of the cannon, when you touch the cannon, it will automatically fire bullets. Similarly, this gun will stay stationary and will not emit bullets when you no longer affect the mouse. Each time your bullet hits the stone, the stone will decrease in value by one. When the stone drops to zero, it will break into two stones with a value of one. Actually, this does not happen with all stones, some stones will disappear forever when their value reaches zero. When you shoot bullets at a stone with a value of one, it cannot create any other value and disappears forever. You must not let the stone touch your cannon, or you lose instantly. This game calculates points by the number of bullets you hit the rocks, the more stones you shoot down, the higher your score. When the game is over your highest score will be saved and it will last until you create a new record with a higher score.