Tiny Fishing

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Fishing in a giant aquarium of Tiny Fishing

Play and have a fun fishing experience in the Tiny Fishing game. You need to upgrade your fishing rod and try to catch as many fish as possible.

You are in a giant fishing tank where there are many interesting fishes. Your task is to drop the bait and catch as many fishes as possible. Different types of cards will bring you different amounts. For example, the basic fish will sell for $10, the clownfish sell for $50, and the goldfish sell for $100. The types of fish will be stratified in many different water layers. You have to upgrade the rod to be able to reach these waters. The deeper you can put the rod, the more expensive fish you will have access to. Let's play and catch all the interesting fish in the tank of this game.

Control: Use the mouse.

Upgrade your rob

To be able to fish more effectively, you need to upgrade your rod. You can upgrade the length and amount of fish. The basic amount of fish that your rod can catch is 3. You upgrade to be able to catch more. Similarly, the depth your rod can reach is 3m, each upgrade will increase by 1m. The amount you need to spend after each upgrade will also increase.