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Drive Mad


Play Drive Mad

Control your truck in Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a fun truck-driving game. You will be able to practice driving skills through many different types of terrain. Are you ready for this challenge?

In the Drive Mad game, you will be involved in special terrains that you have never experienced. If Drift F1 is a track in the air with slippery turns, Drive Mad challenges you with rough terrain. You will drive the car on the divided road, the stairs, and so on. The cars in this game are also very special. You will have the opportunity to drive a Limo with a long body or vehicles with square wheels. All of these require you to have good driving skills to be able to handle them.

How to control

  • Use the down arrow to move forward
  • Use the up arrow to move backward

Conquer all levels of Drive Mad

This game has countless levels with different challenges waiting for you to explore. Going along with the increase in levels are challenges. When at a high level, the game will combine difficult terrain types together to stop you. Are you confident that you can pass these levels? Play and conquer every level of the game.

Tips and tricks

Driving through the obstacles of the Drive Mad game is not easy, so the game has some tips to help you overcome the challenges more easily.

You should gain momentum to be able to overcome obstacles such as split roads and slopes. You use the brake to reverse and gain momentum, then move fast toward overcoming the obstacle. You need to use the brakes before landing to keep the vehicle balanced.

When you control the car with square wheels, you need to move slowly so that it does not tip over. After going downhill you move quickly to keep the car balanced, you keep this speed to overcome the obstacles.