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Drift F1


Some descriptions of Drift F1

About Drift F1

Experience the thrill of racing on F1 tracks in the Drift F1 game. You can control the car by holding the mouse and releasing it. Why not play this game?

It is inspired by F1 races, the Drift F1 game gives players impressive racing tracks. The track is set up in the air, players just make a little mistake to be able to fly down the cliff. This game is even more difficult than Madalin Cars Multiplayer as it sets the player up on bumpy and slippery roads. You need to drive the car through the slippery roads and reach the finish line. Are you ready to play this game? Join and be the leader in every F1 race.

Race tracks in the Drift F1 game

The tracks in this game are divided into levels, each level will have its own track. You unlock the tracks by conquering the track in front of it. After unlocking the tracks you can choose the track you like.

Write your name on the leaderboard

Each track will have its own leaderboard. The 5 players with the highest race scores will be able to appear on the leaderboard. Your score will be calculated according to the time you complete the track. The longer you stay on track, the higher your score.

Play Drift F1

Although this is an F1 race track, Drift F1 has simple gameplay. Your car will move forward automatically. You hold the mouse to steer the car left and right ( It depends on the track). You release the mouse to drive your car straight. The track is quite slippery, so every time you turn, the wheels will slide sideways. Therefore, you need to turn a little earlier so you don't fall off the cliff. Also, you can collect coins while you are driving to buy new skin. However, your goal is to reach the finish line, don't focus too much on collecting coins.