Bucket Crusher

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Break the wall in Bucket Crusher

Don't be afraid to play and have fun in the Bucket Crusher game, you will control the chainsaw and knock down all the paper walls of the game.

This is a purely entertaining game where you will have relaxing moments by destroying the walls of the game. You will control a gear-shaped machine and destroy a wall of paper. Your job is to upgrade and destroy all the walls of this game, that's all you need to complete the level of the game. You can play a level multiple times until you complete it. You will be forwarded always to the next level when you complete the previous level. Each level will be a new challenge with walls of different shapes and they are also bigger, making you spend more time. You can play multiple times in a level but when you play again the game will start from the beginning and you will also have to start your journey to break the wall. Are you confident that you can conquer this interesting challenge? Join the Duck Life website and complete the challenges in this fun game.

Upgrade your tools to complete the mission

You must collect pieces of paper flying from the wall to have money to upgrade parts for your machine. There is a vault below the cutting machine, you just need to put pieces of paper into this vault and it will automatically convert into money. You can upgrade this machine based on 4 criteria: length, fuel, power, and size. You can upgrade these criteria multiple times, but the amount of money needed to upgrade will also increase. You must try to upgrade the criteria to the maximum to be able to complete this mission.