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Slope 3


Play the Slope3 game

The game of rolling ball - Slope 3 will never run out of heat. Let's take control of your ball and overcome all the obstacles in the neon city.

Your task is to control a rolling ball on the slopes, avoid obstacles and always pay attention to the path. Obstacles appear with a high frequency that makes you unable to defend. The game requires you to be very careful to avoid obstacles. You better go far in this game. Pay attention to the obstacles and don't get flying off the track.

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Start your endless run

You will start the game at a slow pace. The longer you run on the track, the faster the ball rolls on the track. You use arrow keys to change lanes and avoid obstacles. The obstacles that you may encounter are cubes, single tracks, and so on.

Your score will increase by 1 point after every successful jump you make. Try to control the ball for as long as possible because the track is endless with no levels or stages. Reach your score to become the top admirable player on the leaderboard. Play and write your name on the leaderboards

Controls: Use the key arrow to control your ball.

Some Useful tips

It is the same as the Subway Surfers Zurich game, you will have to move between lanes to avoid obstacles. However, in this game, you will not have the power-ups so we have some tips for you. Use it to get a high score.

  • Get used to the speed of the game, which will make it easier for you to avoid obstacles.
  • Train your hand speed and reflexes. This will come in handy when you encounter unexpected obstacles.