Rooftop Snipers

8 votes 3.6/5

Some features of Rooftop Snipers

Rooftop Snipers is an intense battle on the rooftop, you will fight another player on the roof and be the winner by kicking them off the roof.

This game takes you to an intense battle with other players, it becomes more intense when it takes place on the roof of a building. These 2 players will stand facing each other and continuously discharge weapons at each other. You need to dodge to take a lot of damage from your opponent's attacks and aim to take down your opponent as quickly as possible. When hit by an enemy's weapon, you will be teleported back and they will lose when falling from the building. Every time a person falls off the roof, a point will be added to the opponent, be the one to score the most points in this fight.

Play in 2 modes

You can choose between 2 modes of this game, these are 1-player and 2-player. In 1-player mode, you will fight the AI opponent, you use the W key to jump and avoid the opponent's attack, similarly, you use the E key to counterattack. In the 2-player mode, it allows you to play with friends, the first player on the left side of the screen has the same control as the 1-player mode. The other player on the right side of the screen will use the I key to jump and use the O key to counter the opponent. No matter what mode you play in, the game will bring you the most entertaining moments possible.