Stickman Swing

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About Stickman Swing

Stickman Swing is a challenge that takes place in the air. You play as a stickman who has to swing over the nails and reach the finish line.

A stickman is trying to jump over the nails hanging on the wall and reach the finish line. Your mission is to help the stickman complete this challenge. The way to the finish line is quite short, but its difficulty is played out on many different levels. Every time you swing and reach the finish line, you have completed a level, as if a new level has opened. However, you are not required to play the level the game has opened, you can choose the levels you want outside of the main menu provided that level is already open.

Perform the mission

Your stickman will have 2 states, there are ball shape and a stickman shape. when you release the mouse and the stickman flies into the air, it will take the shape of a ball. When you want to swing on the nails, you click, and the ball will return to a stickman shape and cling to the nails. In this form, the stickman will gain momentum and fly to the finish line.