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Subway Surfers Zurich


Special things of Subway Surfers Zurich

About Subway Surfers Zurich

Are you ready for the endless chase in the game Subway Surfers Zurich? In this game, you are a clever boy and escape the arrest of the officer.

Now, the hot game - Subway Surfers Zurich is available on our Duck Life website. This game is an endless chase between an officer and a sly boy. This will be an endless chase or only last for a few seconds. Will this boy be able to escape the police chase? It completely depends on the operator. You play as this boy and escape from the tough policeman. Can you escape or not? Play and prove your skills and endurance.

Change your character

If you get bored with Jake, you can choose between the game's characters. The characters that you can choose are Tricky, Frank, Spike, and so on. These characters have unique designs. Along with it is that you have to use many different ways to collect. You can use money and also have to collect items to have them.

Race in the tunnels of the Zurich city

If Zombie Tsunami Online is set in an apocalyptic world, this chase takes place in the city of Zurich. This is the largest city in Switzerland, so your boy will have many difficulties. Traffic is very heavyheavy because this is the most populous city in Switzerland. Your boy will have to pass the obstacles such as trains, barriers, and so on. The sudden appearance of these obstacles requires you to have good reflexes. In this crowded city, you are not allowed to make mistakes. Once you fall you will immediately fall into the hands of the police.

Play Subway Surfers Zurich

How to escape from the pursuit of police

If in the game Duck Life 2 you need to practice hard to win, then in this game you need to have quick reflexes to be able to escape. Train yourself with good reflex skills to escape the complex challenges of the game. You will never know when the trains may come to you. Swipe left and right to avoid the trains and jump or slide to pass the barriers. You must perform these maneuvers correctly so as not to fall and be caught by the policeman.

Use Power-ups to play the game easier

This game has some Power-ups to make it easier for you to escape from the police. Several types of power-ups will appear on your run. Others you have to buy with money.

  • You use magnets to attract more money.
  • X2 will help you get more points while moving.
  • The jacket will help you move through the sky and escape the police chase.
  • Skateboards act as a protective shield to help you avoid any accidents.

Some benefits of playing Subway Surfers Zurich

When participating in this game, you will have to face unexpected obstacles from the game, and you can practice your reflexes.

Also, in Zurich's dangerous metro station, you will have to make the right decisions so you do not end up at a dead end. Therefore, you can practice the skill of making a strategy.