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Duck Life: Adventure


About Duck Life: Adventure

A story about Duck Life: Adventure

If you are an adventure lover, do not skip the game Duck Life: Adventure. You play as a duck who is fulfilling his dream of becoming an adventurer.

This game is about a duck with a wish to become an adventurer. This dream of his was ignited by the dangerous magician Marco. The little duck is very fond of Marco and has the desire to become a great adventurer. However, this dream was forbidden by his mother. The little uncle's mother wants him to grow up and have a stable job. At a tender age, the little duck did not listen to his mother and decided to leave home and pursue his dream. Will the little duck's dream come true? Play and continue to write the story of the duck's life.

Equip your duck with the best items

The road of exploration in Duck Life: Adventure is always arduous, so you have to equip the duck well

First, about weapons, you will be equipped with a wooden stick, which helps you to win the wrestling game. You can upgrade this wooden block to increase damage per hit. Thanks to that, you can quickly defeat your opponent.

In addition, besides weapons, skin is also important. You need to buy skins such as a shirt and hat to help your duck escape the harsh weather.

The differences from other games in the Duck Life series

In the original game of this series: Duck Life, your duck will participate in synthetic competitions. The complex sports that the duck must participate in are running, swimming, and flying. The combination of pentathlons has stimulated the curiosity of players. Due to this success, Wix Game produced Duck Life 2 with the launch of a new sport – climbing. Not sleeping on Success, the Wix Game developer has launched Duck Life: Adventure with the goal of targeting adventurers. To maintain this journey you need to master the skills in Duck Life and Duck Life 2. Are you ready for this adventure? Let's play and make the duckling's dream come true.

Play Duck Life: Adventure

Your mission

In this journey, your duck will have to perform countless tasks. Some typical missions are Bee Catcher, Archery challenge, Cloud bounce, and so on. These are difficult tasks that require you to have good physical strength and skills to be able to overcome them. You should remember that these tasks are very important. Only when you complete the quests can new lands be opened.

Complete the quest in Duck Life: Adventure

This game has a training mode, where you can improve your skill points. Because the missions all require you to have a high skill point to be able to complete, so you should train hard. When you upgrade skill points to max. You can conquer any challenge you face. On the path to success, there will be no footprints of the lazy, so practice hard to become a great adventurer.

How to control: Use the mouse and click to the screen to move.