Drift Hunters 2

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The stunning tack in Drift Hunters 2

Thrilling car races are waiting for you in the Drift Hunters 2 game. Let's play and create perfect drifts and become the best racer in this game.

This is a thrilling driving game where you have the opportunity to participate in 10 different tracks. Each track will have its own characteristics, typically the Dusk track. This race is taking place in the desert, you will be involved in winding tracks and creating beautiful drifts. you can also participate in the Touge race track which is a pass race where you have to face dangerous slopes. In addition, there are some other interesting tracks such as Forest, City, Port, and so on.

Create your own car

An important thing when participating in matches is choosing the right car. This game has up to 25 different car models for you to choose from. However, you need to use money to use them, depending on the use, each car will have a different price. Not only that you can also upgrade each part of your car. You can upgrade 5 parts of the car which are brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine. This is the interior of the car you can also make your car new by painting it. Create your own car and participate in the magical races.