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Subway Surfers Mumbai


About Subway Surfers Mumbai

Some feature of Mumbai

Another chase took place in the city of Mumbai. Are you confident that you can escape the police chase? Let's join the Subway Surfers Mumbai game.

Mumbai is the next venue that boy Jake decided to set foot in after Subway Surfers Zurich. Mumbai is a bustling city in India. Here, you will be exposed to a whole new culture. Accompanying you is still a difficult officer. Are you ready to distract him and explore this magical city of Mumbai? Visit the Duck Life website to play this game.

The pursuit between Jake and inspector

Although you have arrived in a new city, the chase will continue. You still have to try to escape the pursuit of the inspector. While running from the inspector you have to overcome the obstacles. Don't get caught, overcome everything and conquer this place. Make it be the best adventure of your life

Play Subway Surfers

Start an endless journey

Jake met the inspector again on his adventure to India, of course, he was again entangled in the pursuit. He has to overcome obstacles such as trains, and barriers, and at the same time escape the pursuit. Will he be able to escape this arrest? Play and make it be a infiniti chase.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Use the down arrow to slide
  • Use the left and right arrow to steer left and right

Use the power-ups and conquer Subway Surfers Mumbai

  • The magnet helps to attract all the coins on the way, It makes sure that you don't skip any coin.
  • Shoes help you jump higher. However, it will be difficult for you to control when you jump too high.
  • Skateboarding is like a shield that protects you from all accidents. When you activate the skateboard, you will never fall.