Geometry Dash RADIUM

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Discover the Geometry Dash RADIUM game

What are you waiting for without joining the adventure in Geometry Dash RADIUM? Here, you will face obstacles in the Radium swamp and reach the finish line.

If you have played the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game then you will be no stranger to the gameplay of the Geometry Dash RADIUM game. This game will take you on a new adventure in the swamp of Radium. In this game, you will still face obstacles such as spikes and platforms. These obstacles will appear with dense frequency on your movement. You must have good reflexes to be able to overcome these obstacles. In addition, this game will not have checkpoints, which means that when you fail you will return to the starting point. To be able to conquer this game, you need to overcome all the obstacles in one play. This is a difficult task. Are you confident that you can conquer this challenge? Let's play and conquer this hard challenge.

How to overcome the obstacles

You can use the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character. You left-click the mouse or press the up arrow key to make your character jump over obstacles.