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Northern Heights


About Northern Heights

Some features

Play the Northern Heights game and experience the ultimate skiing experience. Here, you will control the snowboard and ski to the finish line.

This game is set in the Arctic, you will play as a skier, who is skiing at the north pole. You will discover the beauty of the north pole while skiing. A very special consciousness that the North Pole has is the Aurora. Join this game on the Duck Life website now and discover the wonderful aurora in this place.

Play Northern Heights

You will ski on a bumpy track, keep your character's balance and move on this ski track. Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the direction for your character and move in the track. Press the down arrow key to keep the character level while jumping. You must not let your character slide off the slide, or your character will fall. Remember to complete the mission to the finish in the fastest time possible.

Buy new skins

While skiing, you need to collect asterisk coins. These coins will help your character buy new skins, namely hats. The game has many hats with different prices. Pick the one you like best and go skiing.