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Cookie Clicker


Build a cookies kingdom in Cookie Clicker

Play and make cookies with special recipes in the Cookie Clicker game. In this game, you can build your own cookie kingdom by making clicks.

Cookie Clicker is a simple game that will help you release stress. On the screen, there will be a giant cookie. You use the mouse and click on the cookie in the middle of the screen to produce many small cookies. You make cookies this way and sell them. After having the money, you can buy more tools to upgrade the production line and create more cookies. Are you ready to take part in this amazing challenge? Let's play and build your own kingdom.

Use tools to make more cookies

To make a large number of cookies, you can buy tools to help you make the cake. there are some tools that can help you make more cakes. You can upgrade them to make more cookies

  • Cursor: It clicks automatically every 10 seconds, and each cursor creates 0.04 cookies every second.
  • Grandma: Each grandma bakes one cookie per second.
  • Farm: Grow cookie plants from cookie seeds so each farm can generate 8 cookies every second.
  • Mine: It mines cookie dough and chocolate chips at a rate of 47 cookies per second.
  • Factory: It makes a lot of cookies, and each factory makes 260 cookies each second.