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Duck Life 2


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Some Descriptions

Following the success of Duck Life, the Wix Game developer has released Duck Life 2. Here, you will experience a new skill which is climbing.

In this game, you will still be participating in a synthetic race of ducks. In this synthetic race, there will be 4 subjects: running, swimming, flying, and climbing. You should train really hard in the training mode to be able to overcome other ducks. Because the people present in the games are all people with good skills, the game requires you to have good skills as well. Develop your personal skills and become a champion in all competitions.

5 competitions in the Duck Life 2 game

You will have the opportunity to participate in 5 competitions in 5 countries and territories respectively Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan. When you finish the race in Scotland, the race in England will open. As such, the race is open if you have enough skills to conquer it.

Difference from Duck Life

If Duck Life has a combination of 3 sports, in Duck Life 2, the Win Game developers have created a new sport, which is mountain climbing. This sport is a completely different experience from the other 3 subjects. You know that climbing is a stimulating and adventurous subject, you will have to experience the exchange between two cliffs. This subject will give you an authentic feeling like you are climbing a mountain. In this sport, you will be suspended between two mountainsides. You have to avoid climbing cliffs to not fall down. This sport is sure to excite you. Your adrenaline will increase every time you are in danger. Now, are you ready to chase the climbing peaks?

The way to win the competition

Train 4 skill for your duck

  • Running skills: On the track, there will be balls rolling automatically toward you such as soccer balls, tennis balls, and so on. You have to jump to avoid hitting these rocks and die.
  • Swimming skills: You will train your duck in a vast ocean, where many ships pass by. You have to control your duck to dive and avoid obstacles.
  • Flying skills: Your duck will gain momentum and fly through the air for a short time. You must not let your duck hit the mountains.
  • Climbing skill: The duck is stuck between two cliffs. You have to move carefully between 2 cliffs to not get stuck in the cliff.

Tips and trick complete the challenges in Duck Life 2

Since this isn't your lone fight like in Zombie Tsunami Online, it's a competition, so we give you a couple of tips.

You upgrade the energy bar to the maximum to increase endurance in the competition. It would be a pity if you fell in the middle of the competition and all your previous efforts were in vain. You buy food to increase the duck's endurance.

To win against other opponents, you need to practice the skills well in the training mode. Only when your skills are higher than other opponents can you win.