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Zombie Tsunami Online


About Zombie Tsunami Online

Background of the Zombie Tsunami Online game

Zombie Tsunami Online dramatic survival game, where you can eat humans and build a mighty zombie army. Play this intriguing game and be the ruler.

The apocalypse has come in the Zombie Tsunami Online game. Here, the zombie epidemic is raging and people are on the verge of death. When food and water are exhausted, humans will become zombie food. As for you, you will become the leader of this zombie army. You need to build the most powerful army ever by cannibalism. Your zombie army only grows when it can destroy everything it encounters. To do this you have to eat a lot of people and protect the zombies from the obstacles. You have confidence in your leadership ability. Take charge of the zombies and become the ruler of this world. Also, if you are interested in other games of the same genre, you can access our Duck Life website.

Coins can help you a lot

In Zombie Tsunami Online, you can use the money collected during the move to change the Skin for your best friend. In the zombie herd, there is always a different character, the captain. You can choose different skins to make your zombie captain more special.

In addition, coins also help you buy some power-ups. Power-ups such as tsunamis and giant zombies will help you conquer the world easier.

Play Zombie Tsunami Online

Your mission

This is the world of the apocalypse, so your mission is to become the king of the zombie army. You become a good leader by building a large army. You move on the streets and recruit members for the army by eating people. In addition, you need to protect your team against obstacles. Your small mistakes can also bring down the zombie empire.

The way to complete the mission

You can easily recruit an army by eating people, but protecting them is not easy. You need to have quick reflexes and reasonable strategies. Click the left mouse to jump over the obstacles in the Zombie Tsunami Online game. You have to choose the right cars to not let your zombies die. Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary, you can sacrifice individuals to preserve the peace of the zombies.

Some obstacles that you need to avoid

Your zombies can eat humans and destroy everything, however, they are not immortal. They can be destroyed by some kind of obstacle. These obstacles can destroy your entire zombie horde or they can destroy each individual as well. Therefore, you need to be careful, too many individuals are destroyed which also leads to the collapse of your zombie empire.

The first obstacle is the bomb. You can see bombs appearing with high frequency in Zombie Tsunami Online. These bombs will be set up in various locations such as on the ground and in the air. When your zombie swarm steps on a bomb, they will lose an individual. Thus, the bodies are lost continuously, your zombie army will be scattered

The deep holes are the simplest obstacle and there is not a moment that your zombie herd does not have to face the wormholes. These wormholes can destroy your entire zombie horde.

Vehicles can also become weapons to destroy your zombies. You can knock down the cars to recruit soldiers for your zombie army, and the cars will also be able to knock you down. When your army is not enough to knock down a vehicle, it will completely destroy your army. So, don't be too greedy for big goals.