Slow Roads

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Get fun in Slow Roads

Slow Roads will help you relax with your driving practice journey. Here you will participate in long-distance driving and control the car on a country road.

When it comes to driving games people often think of endless adventure races, but this game will give you a different experience. There will not be any adventurous races taking place in this game where you will participate in the long-distance driving journey. You will control a car and move on a narrow road in the countryside. You must keep your car moving on the road, if it goes out of the way you press the R key to return to the road. To control the car you will still use the left and right arrow keys, you press the up arrow key or the Shift key to accelerate.

Discover the maps and vehicles

This game has 2 main maps, which are hill and off-world. The hill is a peaceful journey with the road in the vast grasslands, while the off-world is a fierce journey in the desert. In addition, you can also choose your own means of transportation, the game has 3 options for you, which are roaster, bike, and coach. You can combine different vehicle types with maps to create amazing experiences.