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Idle Restaurants


Have fun in Idle Restaurants

Play Idle Restaurants and develop your own restaurant chain. You will play the role of a chef who has to manage a five-star restaurant. Are you ready for it?

Idle Restaurants is a great cooking game where you will be playing the role of a 5-star chef. It's not simply a journey of cutting cakes like the Cake Slice Ninja game. In this game, you have to create dishes to serve different guests. You upgrade your skills by continuously creating amazing dishes. Let's please all the guests and develop your own restaurant brand. Are you confident that you can do this? Come join our Duck Life website and play this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control and upgrade your chef.

Upgrade your chef and your restaurant

Hire a chef to serve customers faster

Firstly, you started your career as a restaurant manager as a small chef. You upgrade your skills by successively creating delicious dishes. In the early stages, you can control the restaurant yourself. However, along with the growth of the restaurant, the number of customers will increase and you cannot manage the restaurant alone. As such, you need to hire more chefs to help you serve your customers. To be able to hire a chef, you need to increase the level of the restaurant. At level 4, you will hire 1 more chef. When you develop your restaurant to level 8, you can also continue to hire 1 more chef. You can hire up to 3 chefs. Moreover, you can upgrade the chef to be able to create food faster. You can upgrade your chef to up to 3 stars. The number of stars your chef is keeping is directly proportional to the price of the dishes. You should upgrade your chef first to earn more money.

Develop your restaurant

To be able to expand the restaurant, you need to upgrade the dish. You use money from selling food to upgrade your dishes. The higher the level of the dish, the more money you will earn. In addition, you also need to unlock different types of food to diversify choices for customers. In addition, diversifying the dishes is the key to helping you upgrade the chef. After you upgrade your food to the max, your chef will be upgraded.

Open your own restaurant chain

You earn a lot of money to unlock more seats. The price of the seats will increase over time. The price of the next seat will be twice the price of the previous seat. Please fill the seat of this game.

In this game, you have the opportunity to open your own chain of restaurants. Each type of restaurant will serve a specific type of food. The first restaurant is the Vegan House, which only serves vegetarian food. Next is Burger Wonderland, this is a restaurant specializing in serving fast food. Rigolleto is a restaurant that specializes in Italian food. The Spicey Factory is a restaurant serving Mexican food. Finally, there is Lucky Dragon, where you open restaurants with Japanese dishes.