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Cake Slice Ninja


Play Cake Slice Ninja

If you have a tiring day at work, let Cake Slice Ninja entertain you. Here, you just need to use a knife and slash the cakes that appear on the screen.

Cakes of different types will appear on the screen. Your task is to use a knife and cut these cakes into many small pieces. In addition, while cutting the cake, you also need to pay attention to the bombs. Depending on the mode you play, its effect will be different, but they will all bring you to defeat. This game will bring you wonderful moments. Don't be afraid to join the Duck Life website and play this fun game.

Control: Use the mouse.

Play in 2 modes of Cake Slice Ninja

This game has 2 modes, which are arcade and classic.

In Arcade mode

You will slash the cakes that appear on the screen. This mode has made a rule that you cannot slash at bombs. Once you hit the bomb you will lose immediately. Also, you can't miss the cake more than 3 times.

In Classic mode

This mode will have a timer to limit the time while you play the game. A standard game will last for 1 minute, you can also slash cake bonuses to increase playtime. when you miss the cake, you will not lose. When you hit the bomb you will have half the time deducted.