Stickmen Drift 3D

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Join the dramatic battle in Stickmen Drift 3D

Stickmen Drift 3D is a fierce battle with stickmen. You will play as a driver who has to drive and destroy all the stickmen that attack your car.

You will control a car on a small map, here, stickmen will appear from many sides and attack you. Each stickmen's attack will reduce the blood bar above your vehicle a bit. Your car will be blown up when this blood bar runs out. You can counterattack by driving and crashing directly into the stickmen, the stickmen hit more than 2 times will die. Every time you kill Stickeman you will get coins, you can use these coins to upgrade your car. You control your car with the arrow keys on the keyboard, you hold these arrow keys to make the car move faster.

Build up your car

You can upgrade your car based on 3 different parts. You spend 50 coins to upgrade the gas tank and help your car run further. Upgrading strength requires 70 coins, it will help your car better withstand stickmen's attacks. Lately, you will have to spend 100 coins to upgrade damage, it helps you to kill stickmen faster. Like other games, the cost of the updates will also increase every time you update the car.