Traffic Jam 3D

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Introfuce Traffic Jam 3D

What are you waiting for without immediately joining the Traffic Jam 3D game? This game will give you the opportunity to drive through 4 different modes.

If you are a speed enthusiast then don't miss Traffic Jam 3D. This is a driving simulator that allows you to drive through various terrains. You can also easily participate in dramatic races like F1 races in real life. Let's join this game and fulfill your dream of becoming a great racer.

Drive your car in four modes

You will have the opportunity to drive in 4 different modes. The first mode is career, your career will span many different levels. You have to complete the mission of each level to unlock the new level. Next, you can also participate in infinite mode, you will have to participate in endless races and experience many different types of terrain. You will take part from crowded roads in the city to harsh races in the desert. You should also challenge yourself in time mode, where you have to complete a distance in the allotted time. Finally, you can relax in free mode, where you can drive up the way you want.

You drive your car by the directional button on the keyboard.