Cookie Clicker 2

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About Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker 2 is a great gaming experience that you should not miss, in this game, you will create a cookie kingdom with the click of a mouse.

If you are having a tiring day at work, don't miss the entertaining moments in the Cookie Clicker 2 game. This game has a very simple playing principle, you just hold the mouse and click on the big cookie. on the screen, now cookies will be produced automatically. By producing cookies you will earn money and buy machines to make the cookie production process easier. Play this game to solve puzzles and build your own cookie kingdom.

All the tools

It is the updated version of Cookie Clicker so you can use the mouse to click on the giant cookie on the screen to make small cookies. When producing small cookies, you have money and you will use this money to upgrade machines. The game has countless types of machines with different prices and the most basic one is the Cursor. This Cursor is cheap and its effect is not great, you need to upgrade its functions to make the most of it. Next is Granma with a price of 100 coins, which gives a higher value and can be upgraded to maximize its value. Another type of item that should be upgraded is Farm, it costs 1200 coins but what it brings is completely worth it. There are also some other auxiliary upgrades such as Steel-plated rolling pins, Iron Ages, Plastic Mouse, and so on, use them and build your kingdom.