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Murder Royal Assassin


Play Murder Royal Assassin in 2 roles

Play and become a king or an assassin in the Murder Royal Assassin game. Your task in this game is to silently kill the king and hold the throne.

  • As an assassin: You have to play the role of people around the king as guards, servants, and courtiers. You need to take the chance that the king is not paying attention to kill the king. You have to do everything quickly and don't get caught. If caught, you will be sent to prison and executed. If you kill the king successfully, you will become the next king.
  • As the king: You need to watch out for all the people around you from guards to servants, or even courtiers. When you spot any suspects, turn around to catch them. Anyone with nefarious plots discovered by the king would be put to death. Watch out for everyone and hold your throne.

Control your character

You use the mouse to control your character.

  • As an assassin: You hold the mouse to activate your weapon in 5 seconds, then it kills the king. If you see the king turn his head you must quickly release the mouse to hide your weapon.
  • As a king: You click your mouse to turn your head.