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City Takeover


The intense battle in City Takeover

Do not miss the dramatic matches in the City Takeover game. You will have to control the army and destroy the difficult opponents in this game.

City Takeover is the ultimate battle between armies of bears. This scramble will not end until one army is eliminated, just like in the Subway Surfers Mumbai game. This is a strategy game, a ruthless war, so you must not compromise. Attack your opponent by surprise so that they can't defend. Win the enemy armies and conquer the game through many levels. Be ready to conquer the elite army at the high levels of the game. Are you confident in your leadership ability? Let's play this game on Duck Life now.

Play City Takeover

Defeat the enemy

By designing lines to connect two buildings, you may invade other structures in this game. These are the routes your minions will use to enter your opponent's home. When you wipe out every opponent, you will win. Although it seems straightforward, you must choose wisely if you want to keep your city safe. A bar showing the match's progress is shown in the top-right corner of the screen. Your ally is the blue portion, while your adversary is the red portion. Your goal is to defeat the opposition and win. Your adversary will respond to your attack by attacking you. Destroy enemy structures by attacking them so that they cannot attack you.

Control: Use the mouse.

Use help from the power-ups

  • Accelerated building: your buildings will be increased by 15 floors
  • Black Bomb: When you bomb, enemy buildings will decrease by 10 floors
  • Frozen field: An enemy construction is frozen for 8 seconds.
  • Absolute defense: Our buildings will not take damage for 8 seconds.
  • Retarded action: Lasting 15 seconds, slows down an enemy building's pace by 30%.