2048 Merge

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About 2048 Merge

Some descriptions

Challenge your brain by participating in the 2048 Merge game. You will have to arrange the blocks into a grid until you reach the value of 2048.

2048 Merge is a brain training game that requires players to have good logical thinking. The player will place the blocks into the grid to increase the value of the blocks. The blocks next to each other will automatically merge together and form a larger value block. You arrange until you can no longer place the blocks.

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Your goal

Your goal in 2048 Merge is to get the value of 2048. You need to arrange the blocks properly to achieve this goal. Achieving this goal is very difficult so most players have to give up when reaching a score of 256. But don't give up, you just have to try your best and it will work wonders. In addition, your highest score will be saved by the game and you can see it in the upper right corner of the screen. Are you ready to be a record breaker? Let's quickly visit the Duck Life website and play.

How to play 2048 Merge

The rule of 2048 Merge

It is not as simple as the Zombie Tsunami Online game, this game has some rules, you will arrange blocks of random value into a 4x4 grid. When two blocks of the same value stand next to each other, they easily merge and form a double value. When you arrange 3 blocks of the same value next to each other they also just merge and double. You will stop placing the block when the grid has no space left.

When you place 4 blocks of the same value next to each other, they will merge and give you the right to delete the block. In addition, you can also get this help by merging 2 consecutive blocks in one place.

Because the blocks appear completely random, the help to clear the box plays a huge role. When the game gives you a block you do not want you can discard it and use the next appearing block.


You use the mouse to place the blocks.

Why does the 2048 Merge game help you train your brain?

As the rule of the game, you have to arrange the blocks into a grid, so that the blocks can merge together. Therefore the game will require you to have a good mindset to find the best position to place the blocks. Sometimes it is your decisions that cause you trouble. You will have to deduce the steps to be able to troubleshoot. Achieving the goal of a 2048-valued block is never an easy thing, so the game requires you to have extremely good logical thinking ability. Thus, the combination of challenges helps you train your logical thinking ability and strategy-making skills. This is very beneficial for brain development. What are you waiting for without playing this game?