8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

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The rule of 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

What are you waiting for without participating in billiard matches in 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer? You have to shoot all the specified balls into the hole to win.

This game has 2 main types of balls, these are solid balls and striped balls. The game will choose the ballbreaker. If you are a ballbreaker, the first ball you shoot into the hole is your designated ball. After you have selected the specified ball, you can only shoot the type of ball you have chosen. If you hit the opponent's ball, you lose your turn and the point will be awarded to your opponent. After you shoot all the specified balls into the hole, you continue to shoot the number 8 ball into the hole and win. Do you know the rules of the game yet? Access to the racing game: Duck Life an hundreds game online on this website.

Note: If you shoot the black ball into the hole before you shoot all the specified balls, you lose immediately. Also, you cannot shoot the white ball into the hole, otherwise, you will lose your turn.

How to control

You hold the mouse to align force and release the mouse to shoot the ball into the hole.