Adventure Time Forest

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Some descriptions of Adventure Time Forest

Adventure Time Forest is Finn's exciting adventure in a monster kingdom, where he must destroy all monsters and find a way out of this kingdom.

This kingdom is divided into different stairs, monsters will move randomly on these stairs. Your task is to move skillfully to escape the pursuit of these monsters. You must destroy all these monsters to reach new lands. Are you ready for these exciting challenges? Let's access the Duck Life and play this amazing racing game.

How to play Adventure Time Forest

You use the mouse to jump up the stairs. You must not face the monsters directly, you need to jump on top to destroy them. For each time you play, the game will give you 10 lives and the time for each play is 1 minute. You need to exit the map during this time, otherwise, you lose. You also need to kill all the monsters to get out of the map. Take Finn's sword and destroy all the obstacles in your way. Do not let anyone get in your way. What are you waiting for without playing Adventure Time Forest right away?

How to control: Use the mouse to jump.