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Aliens Gone Wild


About Aliens Gone Wild

What are you waiting for without playing the fierce battle in Aliens Gone Wild? You will move on a straight path and destroy all those who stand in the way.

Aliens Gone Wild is a fun game where you will play as a Western cowboy. Here, the robbers will appear continuously along the way. You will have to destroy these bandits and go far on the road. These robbers are incredibly aggressive and cunning. You must kill these bandits quickly, or you will be the one to fall.

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How to Destroy your enemy

On your way, there are bandits waiting, they are shooting bullets at you. You must quickly dodge bullets and counter their attacks. The enemy's shots can go diagonally but your gun can only shoot straight. Your gun will fire automatically in a straight line so you move to the opposite position of the enemy and destroy them.

How to control: Move the mouse to move your character.

A useful tip

Enemy bullets will automatically target where you are, so you have to move constantly to not get hit. You quickly avoid the enemy's bullets and move to face the target to destroy them.