Angry Gran

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Play Angry Gran

Angry Gran is an entertaining game where you will have to control a granny. This granny is angry and wants to attack everything she encounters.

A hot-tempered old woman is moving on the street, she holds a hammer and wants to destroy everything she encounters. You have to help her do it without the police finding out. You can destroy roadside items such as chairs, and cardboard boxes and also attack passersby. One thing you must remember is not to attack the police, otherwise, you will be immediately taken to the station and game over. This old lady is also old so her back is quite weak, you can't continuously create attacks, let the granny rest. If the old lady has back pain more than three times, her turn will be over.

Some useful tools

You can also buy some tools to help this granny play longer. The first is durability, upgrade the granny's durability to the maximum to be able to play longer. You can also make the game more interesting by swapping weapons and hammers so the game also includes a pan, a chicken, and a skateboard. Choose the weapon you like and create fun moments in this game.