Arrow Fest 3D

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Play Arrow Fest 3D

Controll your arrow and get the highest score in Arrow Fest 3D. You have to find the right direction for your arrow and reach the finish line.

Arrow Fest 3D is a simple game where you have to direct the arrow to get a high score when you reach the finish line. On the way to the finish line, there are countless math operations. You must quickly choose one of the two answers to gain a lot of advantage when you reach the finish line. Calculations can be multiplication or division. If you choose correctly, you can multiply the number of arrows you have many times. On the contrary, if you choose wrong, your arrows will decrease and you will get a low score when you reach the finish line.

Control: You move the mouse to choose the direction for your arrow.

Choose your weapon

In addition to arrows, you can also choose from many other weapons. The game has weapons such as knives, forks, darts, and so on. However, you have to earn money to be able to buy them, and the weapons have different prices. Make a lot of money to buy the weapon you want