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Avatar Game


Complete the mission in Avatar Game

Avatar Game is a game inspired by the world's most popular movie - Avatar. You have to control your character to conquer the given distance.

Avatar Game is a run platform game, where you have to overcome countless obstacles. You must complete the taskbar in the upper corner of the screen to pass the level. Since this is a fast-paced running game if you are a new player, set slow down in the settings. In addition, you can also turn on the checkpoint mode to save your distance.

Control: Left-click to jump.

Explore different backgrounds of the Avatar Game

  • Stereo madness is an adventure in the green forest, where you will have to face unstable obstacles. You need to jump over obstacles like spikes and wormholes to complete the mission. In the later stages, the obstacles only appear when you get close to them, so you can't prepare.
  • Back on track is a race on the bay. Here, a new obstacle will be updated which is a slippery puddle. When you jump into this slippery puddle you will jump higher. It is both advantage and disadvantage for you
  • Polargeist is a race that takes place in the magic forest. Here, you can jump twice in the air by touching the magic spot.