Bad Ice Cream

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Some descriptions of Bad Ice Cream

Take part in the exciting race in the game Bad Ice Cream. You have to avoid the chase of monsters and collect the fruits. What are you waiting for?

In this game, you will have to complete the mission in the maze. You play the role of an ice cream cone and go to collect different fruits on the map. Meanwhile, you will be entangled in the pursuit of monsters. These monsters will appear at different levels with different powers. Some monsters have the ability to detect your location and move immediately to you. Some other monsters have the ability to break the ice. You have to come up with the right strategies to get rid of these monsters and complete the missions of the levels.

How to control your character.

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. The direction of your character follows the direction of the arrow keys. When you face the ice, you press the space bar to break the ice. similarly, you press the space to create the ice to block the monster. Are you ready for this challenge? Access the Duck Life website and play for fun.