Bike Rush

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Take part in the race in the city

Bike Rush will take you to the never-ending bike race. You have to race with two other opponents and become the first to finish. Now, let's play.

This is a street bike race. You control your character to race against two other opponents and avoid the obstacles on the road. The obstacle that you have to avoid is the barrier, it will cause you to stop the race immediately because of the collision. There are also slides that help you fly high and shorten the distance from other opponents. However, you also need to be careful when using these slides, constantly jumping up will make you prone to accidents. You have to keep your balance well before jumping. In addition, on the track there are also acceleration lines, you will increase your movement speed when touching this edge. You also have to be careful, moving at a fast speed will make it difficult for you to avoid other obstacles. Play this game and be the winner.

How to control your character

You move your mouse to control your character. Move your mouse left to steer left and move right to steer right.