Bloons Survivor

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Some features

Bloons Survivor requires you to control a monkey that is facing balloons from many directions, you must activate the slingshot and destroy these balloons.

A monkey is trapped in a room, poisonous bubbles will continuously fly into the room and attack this monkey. Your mission is to help this monkey fight these bubbles and run away to this one room. Each room will be a different level of the game, when you destroy all the bubbles, you will be taken to a new level. These challenges will never stop until you conquer all the levels of this game.

Destroy the bubbles

The control of this game is very simple, the bubbles will fly from many sides and you can click on the ball to dart to that location. This game also has an auto mode, which means your gun will determine the position of the bubbles and shoot the dart to that position. However, this process is quite slow, you should manually locate the bubbles and destroy them. You define the position of the bubbles, then click and position the bubble and activate the dart. When you destroy all the fixed number of balloons in the room, you will complete the challenge of the game.