Body Race

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Keep a fit body

Keeping a fit body is never easy. Can you escape the lure of food and keep your body steady in the Body Race game? Let's access our website and play.

In this game, you must always keep yourself a weight that matches the requirements of the game. Each play has a different requirement. You can be thin and you can also be fat. Eat the right foods to overcome the challenge of the game.

This game will make you healthier eating habits. Every time you eat vegetables you will lose 10 pounds. When you feel you are too thin, you can also eat meat. Each time you eat meat, you will gain 10 pounds. This also applies to the fact that, although food does not make you gain weight so quickly, it also really affects your health. You need to combine these two foods to have a healthier body.

How to play Body Race

You will move on a road full of food. On this street, there are both fast food and healthy food. You can eat both of these foods, however, your weight needs to match the game requirements at the finish line.

Controls: Use the mouse to control your character.