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Bomb It


Introduce a new game - Bomb It

Don't miss the mission in the Bomb It game, you have to plant bombs and destroy other players on the map. Let's play and become the last survivor.

Bomb It is an exciting survival game, in which, you and other players are lost in a giant maze. In this game, you will hold bombs and place them in various locations on the map, you must place these bombs before it explodes. When this bomb explodes, it will explode the walls or even the people standing next to it, so you must also stay away from the bomb when it is activated. Your mission is to destroy other opponents on the map and collect their loot, you become the winner when you are the last man left on the map.

Have fun in this game

Play with your friends in interesting modes

You can play up to 4 players in this game, which means you can also control 4 characters at the same time. Each character has a different control, so it is very suitable for you to invite your friends to compete in this game. In addition, this game also has 3 different modes of easy, medium, and hard, choose the level that best suits you.

Control you character

You will be put in a maze with 4 other players. The game will also grant you 3 bombs. You need to put bombs in place of the walls and destroy them. When the wall is broken, it will spawn loot. As you are only provided with 3 bombs, you also need to find and collect the bombs. You can die from the bomb exploding, so run away before the bomb explodes, or you will die instantly. You put bombs at the opponent's feet and destroy them. Destroy all the players and become the ultimate winner.

How to control: You use the arrow keys to move and press the Spacebar to activate the bomb.