Brawl Tank

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Take part in the challenge in Brawl Tank

What are you waiting for without participating in an onslaught in Brawl Tank? You control a tank and go on a mission to destroy everything on the map.

In this game, you will have to control a tank and destroy the bases. These bases will appear in different levels, you need to destroy all the square blocks on the base. On these squares, there will be an eigenvalue. Each time you fire a bullet at this square, it will be reduced by one value. This square will disappear when it has no value. Destroy all values above the block to destroy all the bases.

Conquer the levels

You will get the power-ups as you pass the important levels of the game. These levels are levels three, nine, seventeen, twenty-three, and so on. After passing these levels, you will receive power-ups. These power-ups are rockets that are set to fire automatically after three seconds and the damage they deal will also vary between levels. For example, at level three the damage these rockets deal per shot is five and this damage increases with level. Conquer the highest levels to get the most powerful power-ups.