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Some descriptions of the Breakpix game

Breakpix has fun missions where you control the block and destroy pixelated images. You need to complete these missions and pass different levels.

Your task in the Breakpix game is quite simple. You will control a block on the platform. Use the mouse or the arrow keys to control it. This square box will move in the direction you control and smash into the pixelated image blocks below it. Each time the block hits the image, the affected image block disappears. You complete the task when completely destroying the pixel image block. For each level, you will have 6 different blocks. This block will disappear after each time you use it. The game only ends when you complete the mission or you use up all the blocks. Access the Duck Life website and participate in this challenge.

Conquer the hard levels

This game will have many missions and it takes place on different levels. You can only get to the next level when you complete these missions. Various missions when unlocked will bring you different interesting images. The images can be pieces of watermelon, cherry, and so on. Play and find the most entertaining moments.