Bricks and Balls

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Play Bricks and Balls

Are you ready for exciting challenges in the Bricks and Balls game? In this game, you have to shoot balls and destroy bricks on many levels.

In this game, blocks with different values will be layered on the screen. Your task is to destroy all the blocks. You use the ball in the bottom corner of the screen to shoot and destroy the blocks. Each time the ball touches the block, it will decrease by one value. You shoot until there are no more blocks on the screen, then you pass the level. You also need to collect the balls while destroying the blocks to complete the mission faster. If you let the block reach the safe line you lose. Therefore, you have to destroy the bricks before it reaches the safe line.

Control: Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Conquer this game on several levels

This game has countless levels, and the challenges of each level will be different. You need to destroy all the bricks in the previous level to unlock the next levels. These challenges are not too difficult, you just need to be persistent to overcome them. Play and conquer this game now.