Bubble Blastar

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About Bubble Blastar

Bubble Blastar has created interesting challenges waiting for you to discover. You adjust the falling direction of the water drops to destroy all the bubbles.

The bubbles with different colors and hardness will appear on the screen, your task is to adjust the water drop direction and destroy them. You use the mouse and click on the position you want on the screen, then the water drop will fall to the exact location you just clicked. When the drop of water touches the balloon, depending on the hardness of the bubble it will burst, then the drop will bounce and hit other balls. One thing you need to note is that you have to destroy all the bubbles before it hits the limit point in the upper corner of the screen. Check out Duck Life and play this fun game.

The different kinds of bubbles

The hard degree of bubbles in this game is divided by color, of which the thinnest bubble is white, you can destroy it with a drop of water. The next level is yellow and you have to use up to 2 drops of water to destroy it. Thus, the green bubble is 3 drops of water and the blue one is 4 drops of water. The higher the level, the more hard bubbles there will be, and the more difficult it will be to destroy the bubbles, so the game will also provide more water drops for you.