Bubble Shooter

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Complete the mission in Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter will bring you to the wonderful world of all kinds of bubbles. Your task is to shoot the bubbles and knock them out of the crusher.

The bubbles will be suspended in the top corner of the screen. You need to use the cannon in the bottom corner of the screen to shoot them. You use the mouse to aim and rescue them from the crusher. You aim and shoot at the cluster of bubbles that match the color of the bubble you shoot. When there are 3 or more bubbles of the same color standing next to each other they will disappear from the crusher. You clear all the bubbles from the crusher and pass the level.

Discover all levels

This game has countless levels waiting for you to explore. The levels will automatically transition after you complete the mission. The number of bubbles that you have to shoot increases with each level. You will not be able to choose a level to play and your progress will not be saved. After you fail, you have to play the game from the beginning. Are you confident that you can conquer all levels of this game in one play?